"Warley WASPS are committed to excellence and the improvement of our sport. We are committed to providing a safe, open, and positive environment for all our members."

'Officium, studium excitat, et bene valet'

(Commitment, motivation and enthusiasm equals success)


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Our website will provide you with all the necessary information about Warley WASPS (Warley Amateur Swimming and Polo Sandwell) Swimming Club, the latest news, fixtures, membership information, photos, also results from club, county, national and open meets of all of our club swimmers.

The club is based at Smethwick Swimming Centre in Sandwell, West Midlands, and has served the local community since 1888, boasting past Olympians, Commonwealth and National champions.

We offer one of the best Learn To Swim Pathways (LTSP) in the locality, working to the ASA's National Teaching Plan for Swimming (NTPS). Our Junior and Senior Development squads are up and coming and our team of 12 coaches have experience from Club to International levels. We are also, the only local club who cater for Masters (general fitness and competitive) swimmers.

We pride ourselves in operating and providing a quality service from learning development through to competitive development ('swim21' Accredited), our club is run as open and honest as possible and we always welcome new ideas in helping the club to move forward (Ideas can be discussed in our 'Forum'). We are a club which was formed in 1888, but we operate in a modern and accommodating way and embrace change in a changing world of sport.

Anybody wishing to join our club, please contact us via an e-mail or by phone, from the 'Contact Us' section of this website - where a member of our teaching/coaching team will contact you as soon as possible.



Latest News:    


Members Page Updated

The 'Members' page has now been updated with Clubs training programme and the weekly breakdowns of work for weeks 3 and 4. We are now starting week 3, which is the start of the main conditioning phase of training, which means a progressive jump up in intensity and distance over the next 6-7 weeks. This week is also the start of Backstroke Development week.

 26th July 2015

2015 Club Championships

This years Club Championships will be held at West Bromwich Leisure Centre on Saturday 26th September (6:00 p.m. warm up) and Sunday 4th October (4:30 p.m. warm up). The Championships will be to the new format, as discussed at the parents meeting on 13th July. The main points being:

  • JSD (old learner lengths) will swim 25m of each stroke only.
  • 8 & Under will swim 25m plus 100 Individual Medley.
  • 9 Years will swim 50's plus 100 Individual Medley and 200 FC.
  • 10's and upwards will swim all events. Age-group trophies will be determined from 50's & 100's only. All other events are separate trophies
  • Masters will swim 50's plus 100 Individual Medley, but can opt to swim in the 15 & Over for all other events.
  • 15 & Over traditionally swim for club individual trophies in all 100m events.
  • All entries will be timed based, working from slowest heat to fastest heat.
Entry forms can now be downloaded from below. All entries need to submitted by Sunday 13th September for processing.

Updated forms available shortly

24th July 2015 

Worcester County Development Meet - September 20th

The details of Worcester County Development Meet on Sunday 20th September are now available to download below. We are targeting this open meet for our younger swimmers who wish to gain County times. The age-groups are 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Ages for the competition are as of 20th September (Age on Day). Distances are 50's & 100's, including 100 Individual Medley. Entries need to be back to the club, along with payment by Monday 3rd August, so they can be electronically processed and sent to the promoter.

Worcester County Development Meet Pack 2015

23rd July 2015 

Weekend of 11th July - Pictures

These pictures have now been moved to our gallery page.

23rd July 2015 

Boldmere and Gloucester Open Meet Entries

Could all parents swimmers please hand their forms in for the above open meets by Sunday 19th July? We wish to avoid disappointment for these by submitting our entries at the earliest possible date. Could all entries be passed on to either Paul or Paula Manning, Marc, or handed in at our front desk.

17th July 2015

Parents Meeting Brief Minutes

The general notes from tonights parents meeting are now availalbe from our 'Members' page in PDF format.

 13th July 2015

Mercian League Round 3 Results - Sat 11th July

This was a gala in which we knew we could, if we performed well, and if we had a full team, we could potentially do well. This was a gala that carried a trophy for the winners. With nine swimmers unavailable, only one 12 year old boy, only one 14 year old boy and only two open girls, life looked grim! At 6:30 p.m. on the poolside at Tamworth, we were still making some adjustments to the team sheet.

What followed took everyone by surprise, the past two rounds saw us finish last or 5th in the opening relays, this did not happen, 1st's, 2nd's, 3rd's and 4th's were achieved. Then came the individuals, the first two rounds we struggled to make 4th's, again, 1st's, 2nd's, 3rd's and 4th's (only 2 5th's and no 6th places recorded). This continued up to event 21, where we were 19 points clear of the second placed team, Walsall. With swimmers, swimming up age-groups it was becoming worrying that they were going to be over-swum and that fatigue would set in, a few disqualifications and a none swim looked like it could ruin an unexpected performance/result...the swimmers kept performing, kept producing high positions and kept us in with a chance of a win.

The final batch of relays were going to be key in the final result, had we the strength and energy to carry on performing or had we run out at the final hurdle!?! Absolutely not, the results kept going our way, we fought hard til the end. For the first time in ten years Warley WASPS had won a 'senior gala', and a trophy to go with it!

Well done to all tonight who took part, in what is hopefully, the turning point of the clubs fortunes. The dedication and determination of the swimmers were next to none tonight, all performed above and beyond expectation, all showed great team spirit and sportsmanship, the atmosphere was one of the best known, and all this resulted in a hard earned win, against all the odds. You have done your coaches, parents and club proud. This was a real team performance!

Final Results:

  1. Warley WASPS 206
  2. Oldbury 194
  3. Boldmere 181
  4. Walsall 181
  5. Ludlow 136
  6. Tamworth 115

The results for the Mercian League Round 3 are now availalbe from our 'Results' page.

11th July 2015

Swimmer of The Month Award - June 2015

Well done to Kaitlyn Pawling, from the Junior Squad, and to Adam Horton, from the Senior Squad on being awarded Junes Swimmers of the Month. They were both chosen because of their commitment and dedication to training throughout June. Keep up the good work all, next month it could be you!!

8th July 2015

Junior Skill Development Award (JSD) - Sunday 12th July

We will be holding our second Junior Skill Development Technique Award on Sunday 12th July, at West Bromwich Leisure Centre. The mini competition will start at 5:00 p.m. The award is purley based upon how well all four strokes are swam and not how fast they are swam, with points being given for each stroke. Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 swimmers, based upon the total of points gained for each stroke.

All swimmers in the JSD (old learner lengths) from Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are welcome to enter, regardless of age. 

8th July 2015 

Gloucester City Swimming Club - Level 2 Open Meet

The details of Gloucester City Swimming Clubs Open Meet on Friday 16th to Sunday 18th October are now available to download below. We are targeting this open meet for our older swimmers who are looking for Regional and above times. Swimmers entering need to have their forms in, along with payment, by Sunday 19th July, so they can be processed.

Gloucester City Open Meet Entry Pack 

1st July 2015

Boldmere Swimming Club - Level 3 Open Meet

The details of Boldmere Swimming Clubs Open Meet on Friday 16th to Sunday 18th October are now available to download below. This is another open meet which we are targeting for our younger swimmers and the swimmers not able to make the above Gloucester Open Meet. Swimmers entering need to have their forms in, along with payment, by Sunday 19th July, so they can be processed, as these open meets fill up very quickly. The ages for this Open Meet are 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and Open. We do wish to enter as a team.

Open Meets Programme of Events 

Qualifying Times 

Entry Form

1st July 2015

Attendance Records for June Uploaded

The attendance records for June have been uploaded onto our 'Members' page. The 'Swimmer of The Month Award' will be presented for June over the coming week. New trophies have been ordered and are ready for pick up.

 30th June 2015

Further Dates & Competitions 2015

We have pencilled in two dates for this years Club Championships. They will be Saturday 26th September and Sunday 4th October. The Championships will be held at West Bromwich Leisure Centre and will be used for County Qualifying. Ages are from 8/Under through to Masters.

We will also be sending a team of swimmers down to Gloucester for their annual open meet. This will take place on Friday 15th to Sunday 17th October, again this will be used for County/Regional Qualifying.

Saturday 10th October will see the start of the National Arena League, further rounds will take place on Saturday 14th November and Saturday 12th December. ages are 11, 13, 15 & Opens.

29th June 2015  

Junior League Round 3 Results

Yet another very tough draw, saw us host our round at Stafford. It was a gala we had to finish 4th or above to have any chance of avoiding relegation. Unfortunately, the teams were too strong for us on the day and we had to settle for 5th place. It was an enjoyable gala, we competed to our best, our starts, turns and finishes were much improved from previous rounds.

Final Results:

  1. Lichfield 216
  2. Coalville 201 
  3. Nothampton 'B' 187
  4. Camp Hill 183
  5. Warley WASPS 145
  6. Burntwood 122

This means we will be swimming in Division 3 next year. Preparations are already underway and training starts as of today, to ensure we make a quick return. Our first round gala effectively relegated us, coupled with the next two rounds being very difficult. But we make no excuses and league don't lie.

There are going to be making changes made over the next few months. The coaching structure is going to change, with lead coaches in place throughout club from our JSD group (former learner lengths), Junior Transition, Junior Developemnt and Senior Squads. Each coaching cluster will be responsible for their area of development, ensuring the swimmers, from the age of 8, are brought through our system with the required skills for competing. This is next phase of the clubs development and hopfully will help to develop the 275+ we now have in our Learn to Swim Pathway into quality competitors. In addition to this, we have 8 more coaches/teachers on their Level 1 Coaching course in November, they too will be slotting into areas in which we need to improve.

This is just a minor set-back, sometimes the luck of the draw doesn't go your way. We now look forward to the National Arena League! 

Full results are now available from our 'Results' page.

 28th June 2015

2016 Worcester County Championship Details

The details of next years Worcester County Championships are now complete and available to all. There are a few changes to make a note of, they are namely: 

  • The age of competition will be age as 31st December of that year.
  • There will be no 9 year old age-group, the 10/11 ages will be combined together and the 15/16 ages are being split so 15's will be separate, with the age group of 16 & Over being created.
  • The Championships will be held on Sunday 24th January for long distance and for the Masters events, these will be held at Redditch.
  • All other events will be held on Saturday 30th, Sunday 31st January and Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th February 2016, all at Wolverhampton Central Baths.
  • Closing date for entries will Friday 18th December 2015.

The Programme of Events and the 2016 Qualifiying Times are available on our 'Club Information' page. They are in PDF format and are fully downloadable for everyone.

 19th June 2015 

Level 1 Coaching Course

We are pleased to announce that we have 8 places on the forthcoming UKCC Level 1 Coaching course, which will be held in November/December time, utilising our Sunday session at West Bromwich. This will help boost our coaching knowledge throughout the club and all squads will benefit from the additional help on the poolside.

13th June 2015  

June 2015 Recruitment - FIRST TWO SESSIONS FREE

We are wishing to continue our growth, within the club, anyone knowing of friends, family etc... wishing to learn to swim, or continue their competitive development, please put our club forward and pass on our details.

Learn to Swim Pathway

We are now holding an extensive recruitment drive throughout the whole Borough and into Birmingham. There are now places available for our Wednesday session, 5:00-5:30 p.m., in the large pool at Smethwick. There are still places available on our Saturday, Monday and our other Wednesday sessions.

We take swimmers from the age of '4' upwards and work to the ASA's National Teaching Pathway.

Competitive Development

Our Competitive Development offers 4 hours of training for our Junior Transition squad, up to 7 hours for our Junior Development squad and 11.5 hours for our Senior Development and Masters squads. We are also accomodating towards swimmers from local squads i.e. The Royal Wolverhampton School and City of Birmingham.

For more details please email:

Learn to Swim Programme - Tim Beddowes on:


Competitive Development - Marc Soulsby on:


More contact details can be found on our 'Contact Us' page.

9th June 2015

Haden Hill Open Meet - Results

We had 13 swimmers competing at the Haden Hill Open Meet the weekend. We had many more personal bests recorded and we totalled 27 medals: 16 Gold, 7 Silver and 4 Bronze. We had a number of swimmers winning their first open meet medal, lets hope it's the first of many! This  was a very enjoyable and well run open meet.
Well done to all swimmers you performed superbly well. We'll done to Joe Hamilton for winning Top Worcester County Swimmer!!


(Joe Hamilton with Haden Hill Chairperson Rob Bowden) 

11th May 2015

Workshop Dates

We will be holding a number of starts, turns, diving certificates (where necessary), and takeover workshops throughout the year. These will be held on a Saturday at Smethwick Swimming Centre from 3:30-5:00 p.m. and are open to all swimmers from Junior Transition to Seniors and Masters. The sessions are at no additional cost.
Saturday 28th February
Saturday 23rd May
Saturday 5th September
Saturday 3rd October
Saturday 21st November
Others may be added earlier on in the year.

 25th January 2015

Club Memberships for 2015

Unfortunately, we are going to have to increase club membership for next year in line with the increase the ASA are asking for each member. The increase will be an additional £0.50 per member. The new memberships for next year are payable in January and our membership prices are as follows:

ASA 2015 Membership Fees

Category 1 (Club Swimmers & non-competitive) £23.50

Category 2 (County competitions & above) £36.50

2nd Joined members £16.50

Voting Members £16.50

Fees to cover membership from January to December in any one year.

2nd January 2014

An Introduction to Competitive Swimming Booklet 2014

  This booklet has been brought up to date and is now available as a PDF file and can be found in the 'Club Information' Tab. All those new and old to the club will find this booklet useful as it outlines the basic requirements of Competitive Swimming. Others also using the website, may also find it of use.

05 January 2014

Swimmers Log Books - Downloadable

 A downloadable version of the 'Swimmers Logbooks' can be downloaded from 'Club Information' tab. It is in 'Word' format, so can be filled in electronically, or printed off and written in. There will also be a PDF version for those without 'Word'.

Nutrition advice for parents and swimmers

It has come to the attention of the club, that many of our swimmers, young and old, are unaware of what to eat before, during and after training, galas and open meets.  It is for this reason that the below advise on 'Nutrition' has been written and placed on the website. Whether you are a parent or a swimmer, it is important that we know what to eat and what to avoid before we swim. We are also considering adding a Nutrition page to our website.

Dos and Don'ts for Training and Competing 

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