"Warley WASPS are committed to excellence and the improvement of our sport. We are committed to providing a safe, open, and positive environment for all our members."

'Officium, studium excitat, et bene valet'

(Commitment, motivation and enthusiasm equals success)


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Our website will provide you with all the necessary information about Warley WASPS (Warley Amateur Swimming and Polo Sandwell) Swimming Club, the latest news, fixtures, membership information, photos, also results from club, county, national and open meets of all of our club swimmers.

The club is based at Smethwick Swimming Centre in Sandwell, West Midlands, and has served the local community since 1888, boasting past Olympians, Commonwealth and National champions.

We offer one of the best Learn To Swim Pathways (LTSP) in the locality, working to the ASA's National Teaching Plan for Swimming (NTPS). Our Junior and Senior Development squads are up and coming and our team of 12 coaches have experience from Club to International levels. We are also, the only local club who cater for Masters (general fitness and competitive) swimmers.

We pride ourselves in operating and providing a quality service from learning development through to competitive development ('swim21' Accredited), our club is run as open and honest as possible and we always welcome new ideas in helping the club to move forward (Ideas can be discussed in our 'Forum'). We are a club which was formed in 1888, but we operate in a modern and accommodating way and embrace change in a changing world of sport.

Anybody wishing to join our club, please contact us via an e-mail or by phone, from the 'Contact Us' section of this website - where a member of our teaching/coaching team will contact you as soon as possible.



Latest News:    


Future Pool Hire Increases for 2016 & 2017

After a meeting with SLT (Sandwell Leisure Trust) management this evening, it was established that SLT will not be able to budge from their 10% increase on pool hire charges. It was also suggested that the same increase will apply in April 2016 and quite possibly in April 2017. We are in the process of looking at ways in which to cover any further increase in costs.

30th March 2015

Easter Closures

The club will be in total shut down from Friday 3rd April to Monday 6th April, the centres are shut on Good Friday and Easter Monday. We have a large part of our coaching and teaching staff away on holiday and 'Educational Visits'. We also have an Open Meet over the Easter weekend, which we have swimmers competing. Training will resume on Tuesday 7th April at 6:30 a.m. and our Learn to Swim will resume on Wednesday 8th April.

30th March 2015

PGL Ross League Results - Saturday 28th March

Well done to all those who competed in this league last night. This was a first competitive experience for a number of our swimmers who represented our team and all swam well and to their best ability.

We had a number of illnesses both before and during the gala, due to a sickness bug is going around the club. We also had 4 swimmers who did not attend and didn't notify us of their unavailability. This caused a number of problems with 19 changes to the team sheet having to be done on poolside. Apart from these setbacks the team performed well, with many swimmers doubling up on swims and producing some quality performances. Well done all!

The Final Results (full results NOW available 'Results' page):


  1. Wyre Forest      167
  2. Evesham          141
  3. Haden Hill        134
  4. Warley BEES   122

30th March 2015

Worcester Winter League Round 3 Team List Available

The team list for the final round of the Winter League is now available on our 'Members' page. The round will take place on Sunday 19th April at Droitwich Leisure Centre, WR9 0RZ, the warm up will take place at 11:00 a.m. and gala will start at 11:30 a.m. Anyone requiring the password, please feel free to contact Marc.

30th March 2015

Nuneaton Junior League Round 1 Team List

The team list for our Round 1 gala is now available to download from our 'Members' page. The round will be held at Stafford Leisure Centre, ST16 3TA, with a 6:00 p.m. warm up. This is a gala we need to compete well in, we need to ensure we stay in Division 2 again this year and continue to build.

26th March 2015

2015 Learner and Squad Fee Increases

Unfortunately it is that time of year again where our pool providers inform us of pool hire increases. This year, we have been informed that Sandwell Leisure Trust will be increasing their pool hire charges by a staggering 10%, the current inflation rate is 0.3%. We asked questions as to why it is so high, but local council have approved the increases which has left us in a position where we must increase our fees to pay for the hire increase. We have increased the fees as little as possible. The 'New' fees will take effect from the 1st of May. The standard 10% and maximum family payment remains the same.





Learn to Swim 1 session




Learn to Swim 2 sessions




Junior Transition




Junior Development




Senior Transition




Senior Development








Even with these increases, we still remain one of the cheapest and best value (if not the cheapest) clubs in Worcester County. All of our Learn to Swim sessions have fully qualified staff (Level 1 & 2), with a minimum of two per section. We have 12 coaches available on our Competitive Pathway ranging from Level 1 to Level 3, with experience ranging from Club through to International standards. Our Seniors have 7 available sessions per week, providing 11.5 hours of pool time (we are looking for more due to expansion, and may increase our morning sessions) every week. We are an improving club, we are a growing club and we provide a quality service, and will continue to do so. We would like to thank all of our members for your understanding!

20th March 2015

2015 Haden Hill Open Meet - Sunday 10th May 

We will be supporting the Haden Hill open Meet this year. The meet is to held on Sunday 10th May. Entires have to be returned by Saturday 11th April at the very latest. All the details can be downloaded below. This open meet is also the last opportunity for swimmers up to the age of 14 to gain their Regional times. All details can be downloaded below:

Haden Hill Open Meet 2015 

 20th March 2015

2015 Worcester County Championships

Where do we start with years Worcester County Championships? First and foremost, the swimmers have been through some pretty intense training, on all distances, on all strokes. This was to ensure all swimmers were prepared on all strokes and distances as qualifying was still being achieved into the first few weeks of the Cycle.

This years Championships were the best set of results Warley WASPS have achieved for many years. It has taken 5 years of building, from a few swimmers entering just 50m events, through to this year, qualifying on multi-strokes at multi-distances up to the 400m events.

The Championships have produced some huge personal bests (and some small personal bests - but personal bests all the same), they have produced a number of Regional Qualifying times, a number of Age-Group Champions, a Junior County Champion, Silver medalist Senior Championship, and County Championship Finalists. Our medal haul for the past two weeks of competition is 25, we also have next weeks long distance Championships to go where we could pick up more.

All swimmers have done the club proud, but more importantly, themselves proud!

This is just the beginning, we have turned the corner, and there is more hard work to be done, both in the pool and out of the pool. We have more open meets to look forward to and all the leagues. Keep up the hard work Warley, it's paying off!

 16th March 2015

March 2015 Recruitment - FIRST TWO SESSIONS FREE

We are wishing to continue our growth, within the club, anyone knowing of friends, family etc... wishing to learn to swim, or continue their competitive development, please put our club forward and pass on our details.

Learn to Swim Pathway

We are now holding an extensive recruitment drive throughout the whole Borough and into Birmingham. There are now places available for our Wednesday session, 5:00-5:30 p.m., in the large pool at Smethwick. There are still places available on our Saturday, Monday and our other Wednesday sessions.

We take swimmers from the age of '4' upwards and work to the ASA's National Teaching Pathway.

Competitive Development

Our Competitive Development offers 4 hours of training for our Junior Transition squad, up to 7 hours for our Junior Development squad and 11.5 hours for our Senior Development and Masters squads. We are also accomodating towards swimmers from local squads i.e. The Royal Wolverhampton School and City of Birmingham.

For more details please email:

Learn to Swim Programme - Tim Beddowes on:


Competitive Development - Marc Soulsby on:


More contact details can be found on our 'Contact Us' page.

1st March 2015  

2015 Club Membership Forms Available On-line

The membership forms for this year and there onwards, are now available to down load on-line. They can be found on our 'Policies and Forms' page.

27th February 2015 

Warley WASPS Chairs Message

 I agree with everything which has been said following our super performance in the recent Round 2 of the Worcester Winter League, and the general comments relating to our positive and improving attitude as a successful swimming club, I would also like you to spare a thought for our hardworking club Committee. The committee is the structure upon which the successful development of the club is possible. It is often said that if you are looking for a volunteer to carry out a task, then look no further than the hardest working person within any organisation.

This is certainly so in the case of Warley Wasps committee, most of whom have at least one, if not many more tasks within the club, which they carry out in addition to being part of the decision making body. The administrative, financial, logistical, marketing, development, safety and welfare matters which are rightly taken for granted, need to be done by someone. That someone is a member or members of the committee. A substantial number of our teaching and coaching staff, are also committee members. The commitment of the great majority of the committee is without question brilliant, carried out with enthusiasm, commitment and friendship.

I am proud that we have such a great club, with a positive attitude, which is improving with each passing week.  Long may this continue with the support and hard work of learners, swimmers, teachers, coaches, parents, carers and friends.


Club Chairman.

26th February 2015 

Worcester Winter League - Round 2 Results - PB's Added

This was never going to be as tough as our first round tie, but it was always going to be close between all of the teams. Having seen the draw, we were hoping not finish in last place and that forth place would be a good result. The result which followed was not expected and by the end of the night, a result which we thoroughly deserved. All swimmers competed to their best ability which produced an excellent second place. Well done to all who took part! Results are now available from our 'Results' page.

The team, the club, the desire and the commitment over the past 4-5 years has totally changed within Warley WASPS. There has been tremendous change within the club to how it is run, to coaching and teaching. We will continue to develop and to evolve and to change as this is what necessary to compete at higher levels. Attitude towards training and attitude in training is also evolving and this is what is helping our results to improve. The records need to be checked to see the last time a senior Warley team finished in second place, it has certainly been over 10 years. This is just the beginning, there is much more work to be done and we should never be totally satisfied, there are always ways in which we can improve, keep up the hard work Warley!!!

Final Results:

  1. Oldbury 190
  2. Warley WASPS 169
  3. Haden Hill 154
  4. Evesham 140
  5. Perry Beeches 135

21st February 2015

Coaching Course - Level 1

We are looking into the possibility of running a Level 1 Coaching Course at West Bromwich Leisure Centre. The course will/would run over 4 Sundays around April time. Anyone wishing to add their name to the list should contact Marc, Ray or Paula. Candidates have to be 15 years as of starting the course, but must 16 years of age upon completion. No prior coaching experience is necessary. All the details can be found in the below link.

Level 1 Coaching Criteria

11th February 2015 

Workshop Dates

We will be holding a number of starts, turns, diving certificates (where necessary), and takeover workshops throughout the year. These will be held on a Saturday at Smethwick Swimming Centre from 3:30-5:00 p.m. and are open to all swimmers from Junior Transition to Seniors and Masters. The sessions are at no additional cost.
Saturday 28th February
Saturday 23rd May
Saturday 5th September
Saturday 3rd October
Saturday 21st November
Others may be added earlier on in the year.

 25th January 2015

Adam Ruckwoods Visit and Feedback

Adam Ruckwood, City of Coventry Head Coach, visited our club on Monday 19th January. His visit was a mentoring visit, arranged through the 'Talent Coach Development Programme'. His report will be posted on our 'Members' page shortly. Some of the points he raised about the club are detailed below:

Thanks very much for allowing me to come down on Monday - I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. You have clearly done an excellent job at building the club over the 5 years you have been there - very well done! An increase of membership from 140 to 535 is astonishing. Your recruitment of the coaching staff, the way you have structured the committee (where your coaching staff take on the majority of the roles) and the good vibe around the club are all great. It was a really friendly atmosphere.

  • I thought your planning was sound and appropriate for your swimmers. It was also good to see you had started to employ some of the things Fred Furniss had gone through on the workshop sessions.
  • You made good use of the poolside, were always on the move and worked with / talked to the swimmers at both ends of the pool. 
  • The swimmers had a good work ethic and trained hard. Coaching staff clearly got on with them (swimmers) well and had a good rapport. 
  • You have a lot of young members who are coming through the lesson programme and you will need somewhere to put them.
  • The idea of internal development galas that are judged on technical aspects rather than time is a great start.
  • Your clear commitment to passing talented swimmers onto the local performance clubs (City of Birmingham and Royal Wolverhampton) is great to see as well (refering to our links).

As can be seen we are continuing to move in the direction and these positive points from a former Olympian and one of the countries top coaches is further evidence of our continued improvement. Keep up the great work!!!

24th January 2015

Worcester Winter League Round 1 Results

Last night saw our seniors compete in the Worcester Winter League Round 1. It was our first appearance in the league for some 25+ years and we, as a club (and 8 times winners of the league), deemed it important that we rejoin, to ensure that we have representation in all the major local and National league competitions. We were up against some quality opposition, ranging from Division 1 to top of Division 3 National League teams, so we knew from the start it was going to be very tough. All swimmers gave their best and even though we finished in last place we were still able to produce a lot of personal bests, including 17 County, and Regional qualifying times. When performances of this standard result in a last place, you know the opposition are of quality. A lesson learned, experience gained and we move on and forward. Well done to all!

Final Results:

  1. Worcester A      212
  2. Worcester B      183
  3. Droitwich Dol   154
  4. Haden Hill         133
  5. Warley WASPS 106

Full results are now available from our 'Results' page, including personal bests. Anyone needing the password, please contact Marc

18th January 2015

Club Memberships for 2015

Unfortunately, we are going to have to increase club membership for next year in line with the increase the ASA are asking for each member. The increase will be an additional £0.50 per member. The new memberships for next year are payable in January and our membership prices are as follows:

ASA 2015 Membership Fees

Category 1 (Club Swimmers & non-competitive) £23.50

Category 2 (County competitions & above) £36.50

2nd Joined members £16.50

Voting Members £16.50

Fees to cover membership from January to December in any one year.

2nd January 2014

Mercian Summer League Round 1 Draw

Round 1 of the Mercian League has been published. We are at Leamington Spa and are the hosting team. The draw comprises of:

Warley WASPS (Hosts)





Nuneaton Bedworth

30th November 2014

Nuneaton Junior League Round 1 Draw - 2015

The first round has been drawn for Nuneaton and District Junior League. The full draw can be downloaded below in PDF format. We are up against the following teams come April 18th 2015:

Wellington A



Warley WASPS

Haden Hill


Junior League Round 1 Draw April 2015 

An Introduction to Competitive Swimming Booklet 2014

  This booklet has been brought up to date and is now available as a PDF file and can be found in the 'Club Information' Tab. All those new and old to the club will find this booklet useful as it outlines the basic requirements of Competitive Swimming. Others also using the website, may also find it of use.

05 January 2014

Swimmers Log Books - Downloadable

 A downloadable version of the 'Swimmers Logbooks' can be downloaded from 'Club Information' tab. It is in 'Word' format, so can be filled in electronically, or printed off and written in. There will also be a PDF version for those without 'Word'.

Nutrition advice for parents and swimmers

It has come to the attention of the club, that many of our swimmers, young and old, are unaware of what to eat before, during and after training, galas and open meets.  It is for this reason that the below advise on 'Nutrition' has been written and placed on the website. Whether you are a parent or a swimmer, it is important that we know what to eat and what to avoid before we swim. We are also considering adding a Nutrition page to our website.

Dos and Don'ts for Training and Competing 

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